Innoshore is your reliable partner for the full-cycle development, testing, maintenance and support of customized and innovative IT solutions.

Enterprise Software
Web Applications
Mobile Applications
QA and Testing
Maintenance and Support
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400 400+ ENGINEERS
Data Science

Data Science is a four-headed organism with focuses on business, data, analytics and narrative.

Big Data Analytics

Creating complex analytics systems to support competitive intelligence with the help of modern methods of data collection, analysis and processing.

Machine Learning

We work with everyone from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises to leverage the power of machine learning to grow their business.

Cloud Solutions

Full development lifecycle from specifications to design, licensing, migration to cloud infrastructure and ongoing maintenance and support

IoT and M2M

The technology bricks customers need to speed development and ensure the security, reliability and long life of M2M and IoT solutions.

Healthcare Informatics

Revolutionizing healthcare via health IT, eHealth, mHealth, and telemedicine solutions, and ensuring medical device interoperability

High Load Systems

Developing robust architectures for high-load systems that can handle multiple data queries.

iOS / Android

Full cycle of enterprise mobile solutions development from architecture to back-end and front-end development and quality control.


The demand for DevOps is continuously growing among ISVs and SaaS companies with web-based applications to deploy weekly or even daily.

‘Innoshore team demonstrates excellent technical and management skills along with strong communication abilities and constant attention to our business needs.’
‘Innoshore helps us to assure high quality of our products and contributes to our excellent reputation.’
‘We've really enjoyed working with Innoshore, their ability to think out of the box is something we value the most.’

Keep up with mutable regulations and client demands by developing financial software that facilitates operations and enables your business to move at greater speed.


For more than 12 years, our custom telecom solutions have been powering global leaders in telecommunications.

High Tech

nvent and develop the technologies that will change the world. By living on the bleeding edge of innovation, we know there is no limit to what can be accomplished.


Create frameworks that help your organization connect with patients and staff, allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time on delivering vital health care services.

Public Safety

Providing cities and states with innovative big data analytic solutions that increase our safety and improve our life quality.


Enhance your operational efficiency and capitalization with process optimization, ensuring customers loyalty and predictive analytics.